What Norwegian fishermen have to say about the Auto-Longline System
7. november 2009
Svein Harald Trondal and Tor Arne Jensen of Nordvågen in Norway were interviewed by a faroese journalist, This is what they said about the Oilwind Auto Longline System
First we have to say that this system is very simple to work with and it funcions very well. We have tried to use the system in both bottom line and floating line fisheries and it functions without any problems. We use this system onboard all our three boats now.

I have tried to be on the boat alone and it worked very well for me, Thor Arne Jensen said. I was able to operate the system all by myself. We have tried different kinds of baits and squid and saury are the best. We are able to maintain an average of 90-95 per cent of the baits, and we are very satisfied with that.

Fishing during the autumn has been up to 70 kilo per line bin, but fishing has been slow this fall. As counts for preparing of the line it takes about half an hour, but getting used to the process will probably cut the time down to approximately 15-20 minutes.

The system is very easily operated and it is not hard work, as it used to be. It is not craving that much space either. In fact it takes up less space than the old system, we used before this. Taken into account the costs to prepare the line by hand on land, we expect to have saved up the overall cost of this system within eighteen months. This means that we have paid for the system within 1.5 year, so it is obvious that we recommend this line system to everybody.

In June this year fishing was very good and we caught up to 115 kilos per bin. The winch can easily be used to haul crabtraps too. We have been fishing in depht down to 230 to 250 fathoms and it worked just fine.

If anybody is interested in this system and wants to see, how it works, they are welcomed to join up on a fishing trip on one of our boats and see by themselves the system in real action.

Svein Harald Trondal

Tor Arne Jensen


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