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For more than a century OILWIND has designed and built fishing equipment for coastal and deep-sea fishermen around the world. With innovative products and tailored services our staff will do their best to help you.

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since 1910

It started over a 100 years ago with a dream to provide quality products and services to fishermen of the Faroe Islands, and today OILWIND is partnering with fishermen all over the world. The goal has been, and still is, to excel in making innovative design and manufacturing of smart fishing equipment to make the lives of our customers easier. Assisting our customers in making their fishing operation more efficient to save time and money is what motivates us. OILWIND has already introduced a range of ground-breaking fishing equipment to the industry, such as the electric jigging reels, automatic hook baiters and splitter haulers, and these have greatly improved the fishing business of our customers.


It is very important to us that fishermen can fish safely and sustainably so that they now, and in the future, will be able to make a good living whilst enjoying the exciting life at sea. OILWIND wants to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers, and together work towards a sustainable and profitable future in the fishing industry around the world. To reach that goal and offer the best service and products to your customers, we are partnering with several organizations, distributors, and agents, so we can be closer to our customers.

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OILWIND has always been passionate about designing and building fishing equipment by working closely with the fishermen who use it daily. No one else knows more about challenges faced at sea than fishermen, and OILWIND prides itself on the trusted relationships that have been built over the years. Working with integrity and continually striving to push limits in new design for the fishing industry have been core values of OILWIND’s business since its beginning. OILWIND offers its business partners and customers: