Who we are and what we do

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
Fishing equipment and Services

Ever since our beginning the goal has been, and still is, to excel in making innovative design and manufacturing of smart fishing equipment to make the lives of our customers easier. Assisting our customers in making their fishing operation more efficient to save time and money is what motivates us. OILWIND has already introduced a range of ground-breaking fishing equipment to the industry, such as the electric jigging reels, automatic hook baiters and splitter haulers; and these have greatly improved the fishing business of our customers. Demands on fishermen and the fishing industry are ever increasing and the need for new ideas and efficient methods that are sustainable is necessary. Our customers are experienced fishermen who know that there is a need for automation and renewal in the fishing industry to tackle the constantly changing conditions. Every day we support our customers all over the world in their fishing business by providing innovative solutions and advice.

Our History

The lead to start what later became known as OILWIND was taken by Harald Joensen in 1910 when he started his work as a blacksmith on a small scale. Soon he saw the chance of a more constant field of activity in his line. His son Jacob K. Joensen joined him, and in 1933 they built a new smithy. 

In 1957 Bjarni Joensen, Jacob´s son, joined the company. Together, the two of them established the engineering company J. K. Joensen & Sonur. They had clear visions of their field of activity, and the work of developing and manufacturing equipment and machinery for the fishing industry made good progress.

In 1973 a new factory was built, equipped with highly advanced machinery. This rational modern plant and an effective organisation that continually makes use of new technology ensures that customers get a first-class product, custom-made to their specifications. The principal aim has always been, and still is, to be leading in the field of developing, manufacturing and marketing marine equipment and services. The company has survived on innovation, and has been internationally known for its quality products, marketed under the brand name OILWIND. In order to meet customer’s demand for quality. Short delivery times and competitive prices, the company has built up and efficient workforce, which consists of both well-trained young people and – not least – skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. Today the management is in the hands of Bjarni Joensen and his son Jákup S. Joensen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, manufacture and provide the very best fishing equipment for our customers world-wide. We want to excel in innovation and quality and contribute to the profitability of our customers and their wellbeing.

We strive to see OILWIND equipment in every boat, in every harbor and in every nation.

We will do this by inspiring and motivating our employees and partners to think new thoughts and put action to our words. Reaching a better future in the fishing industry world-wide with new concepts and solutions that make fishermen’s lives easier and their business more profitable.

Our customer’s independence and free choice is the base upon which our vision and mission are built. At OILWIND, what our customers want and need prompts how we support and assist them.

Built to last

Situated on the remote Faroe Islands we have always had a close connection to the rough and wild North Atlantic Ocean. Being this close to the sea and working with fishermen who brave it every day, has given OILWIND the perfect environment to design and build equipment that will last and make a difference. We want feedback and constructive criticism from those who know the most about fishing, to make sure that what we offer back is even better.

The Faroe Islands have a strong economy relying on an advanced fishing industry that has seen major developments over the last century. The expertise and knowledge is being exported around the world, and OILWIND is proud to be a part of it.

The OILWIND Family

OILWIND is to this day a family-owned business with proven traditions and values. The leadership team is responsible for driving innovation, supporting our business partners, and emphasizing a “customer first” mindset and further developing a successful organization.

We honor the history and sacrifices of fishermen who help feed the world, and we are proud of our heritage of always supporting them.

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