Welcome to OILWIND

A family-run businesses, grounded by rock-solid traditions and values.

Picture the leadership team as the engine room, the beating heart of the whole operation. They’re the ones stoking the fires of innovation, rooting for our business pals, and always putting our customers on the pedestal. Their goal? To nurture an organization that’s more than just successful – one that’s an absolute trailblazer.

Our mission

OILWIND is committed to designing, producing, and delivering the best fishing equipment for our global clientele. Our ambition is to lead in innovation and quality, thereby bolstering our customers’ profitability and enhancing their welfare.

We imagine OILWIND equipment becoming the preferred choice of fishing vessels across nations worldwide

Our roadmap to this vision involves inspiring and motivating our team and partners to devise fresh ideas and convert words into tangible actions. We aim for a better future in the global fishing industry by introducing new concepts and solutions that simplify fishers’ lives and augment their business gains.

The foundation of our vision and mission is the autonomy and freedom of choice of our customers.


Who we are today

At its core, OILWIND remains a family-run business, honoring age-old traditions and unwavering values. The executive team has the pivotal role of fostering innovation, bolstering our partners, prioritizing a “customer-centric” ethos, and continually nurturing a thriving organization.

We deeply respect the storied history and the enduring sacrifices made by fishermen, the unsung heroes who sustain global nutrition. Our heritage of steadfast support to this community is a badge of honor we wear proudly.

Rooted in the Faroe Islands, our kinship with the raw North Atlantic Ocean is as intense as it is intimate. This close interaction with the sea and the brave souls who navigate its waves daily provides OILWIND with a setting to conceive and produce robust equipment that can weather the storm and bring about real change. We eagerly invite critiques and insights from those who know the sea’s song by heart, ensuring our products are even better equipped to serve their needs.

The Faroe Islands boast a robust economy heavily reliant on a sophisticated fishing industry, one that has witnessed significant development over the last century. This accumulated wisdom and proficiency is now being shared globally, and OILWIND takes immense pride in being a catalyst of this knowledge exchange.


The story begins…

…with Harald Joensen planting the seeds of what would later flourish into OILWIND. The year was 1910 when Harald initiated his small-scale blacksmithing operation. Before long, he recognized an opportunity for steady growth within his craft. His son, Jákup K. Joensen, joined the forge, and in 1933, they erected a new smithy together.

Fast forward to 1957, when Jákup’s son, Bjarni Joensen, stepped into the family business. Together, they founded the engineering firm, J. K. Joensen & Sonur. Their vision was sharp and resolute, with a core focus on devising and producing machinery and equipment tailored for the fishing industry – a venture that soon began to bear fruit.

1973 marked a significant milestone with the construction of a state-of-the-art factory, complete with cutting-edge machinery. This facility, coupled with an efficient organizational structure that consistently leveraged new technologies guaranteed first-rate, products according to customer specifications. The company has always thrived on its innovative edge, and its high-quality products have gained international acclaim, marketed under the brand name OILWIND. Today, the reins of management have passed on to Jákup S. Joensen, the descendant of Bjarni Joensen.

The oilwind team

At the helm of the company, Jákup has the bird-eye view of the business.



Agnar, the business manager, is the master strategist, handles sales, and is the guy who gets stuck with paperwork. No question is too challenging for him.


Manager & sales

Meet Bjarni, our expert in repair, procurement, and handyman services with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.


Customer support & production/maintenance specialist

Nicola, a multitasking dynamo, handles bookkeeping, event coordination, and marketing with ease.


Accounting & marketing coordinator

We're always looking to improve our products and one of our team members, Efi, is very dedicated to making that happen. He's also a magician with multimedia.


Product development and multimedia specialist

Marni has extensive experience in finance, and ensures that financial decisions and records are sound.


Financial administrator

one single-minded pursuit

To Provide The Highest Quality
Fishing equipment and Services

From our inception, our mission has consistently been to exceed expectations by designing and producing advanced fishing gear that simplifies our customers’ tasks. Motivated by the ambition to enhance our customers’ fishing operations, we strive to save them time and money.

OILWIND has a rich legacy of bringing revolutionary fishing equipment to the industry, such as the electronic jigging reels, automatic hook baiters, and hook separator haulers. These have dramatically improved the fishing businesses of our clientele. As the fishing industry evolves and the demands on fishermen become more and more, there is an urgent need for fresh ideas and sustainable, efficient methods.


Our customer base comprises seasoned fishermen who recognize the critical need for automation and innovation in the ever-evolving fishing industry. We stand by our customers worldwide, supporting their fishing enterprises daily.