Fish Crusher

Long time ago, before the era of freezers, preserving fish meat was not as straight forward as it is today. So peoples figured out that if you dry the fish after filleting. It can easily increase it’s shelf life to a year, but the meat becomes hard to consume.

This is where the Fish Crusher comes in to the picture. Simply push the dried fish through it a few times until the consistency is just how you like it, and enjoy it’s consumption.

Due to the robust, stainless steel construction, it can last for decades with minimal maintenance, without showing any sings of degradation.

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absolutely crushing it

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Adjustable crushing strength

Depending on what fish and what condition it is in, you want to be able to adjust the amount of crushing power the rollers are set to. This is easily achievable by adjusting the tensioning knobs on top of the machine, resulting in a fish crushed just the right way for your taste.

We decided to use a type of spring that provides more than sufficient force for even the most demanding jobs.

Made for easy setup and use

The controlling panel is easy and intuitive to operate with lights in the button, so even if you can't hear the machine due to having headphones on or having hearing problems, you wouldn't need to guess, reducing the risk for any accidents.

The emergency stop button cuts all power to the machine for a quick and safe halting of the machine in case if something goes wrong. And by using a relay as the main switching element, the machine always powers on in the turned off state, avoiding accidents that can happen by having something in the machine when plugging in.

In the past we had 3 phase motor, however users requested a single phase motor to be used, since not everyone has 3 phase power in their home, and so we listened and implemented the requested changes, making setup of the Fish Crusher easier for the average household.


Yes, we are using 370W motor and a worm gearbox, it will not struggle with crushing fish, just don’t put your fingers in the slot, or it might crush them as well.

The Fish Crusher r1 uses single phase 220V AC. It is not compatible with 110V AC in the US, please contact us for the 110V version.

Thorough cleaning can take a bit of time as it is the case with any equipment, but it is easy to take it apart a blast the pieces with a power washer. However, make sure the electric components do not get washed with water, as it is not waterproof.

It was designed with this in mind. Either contact us so we can swap it around before ordering, or you can easily change is yourself in a few minutes.

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