The Fish Pounder

The OILWIND fish pounder is back!

Watch our presentation in the video below.

With some electricity and a push on a button, this machine will pound your dried fish just the way you want it. You can adjust how much pressure you want onto the fish.

All in all, this is a fairly simple and sturdy tool, so we will not tire you with a long description.

Feel free to reach out to us, in case you have questions, or if you simply want to get your hands onto our fish pounder.

The Story of dried, pounded Fish

Pounding dried fish is a traditional method of preparing fish for consumption, used worldwide. It was a good way to preserve fish where access to fresh fish was limited. Early societies recognized the need to tenderize tough, dried fish to unlock its full potential, and so they used mallets or pounders. The pounding process helps break down the dense fibers of the dried fish, making it more tender and easy to chew and digest.

The Vikings

To the vikings, dried fish was rich in protein and essential nutrients, making it a valuable dietary staple for them. This was particularly important during times when fresh food sources were scarce, such as during the winter months. Vikings also relied on pounded dried fish during their legendary voyages, a practice that sustained them through long sea journeys.

Faroese Traditions

Today, when preserving food is no longer a problem and most of us have plenty of food in the freezer, the dried, pounded fish is considered a delicacy. It is obligatory in the traditional Faroese tapas, served together with small, cold potatoes and thin slices of salted whale blubber, often seen at special events, such as weddings and at Ólavsøka, our national holiday. Or just used as a snack on outings or mountain hikes.

Watch our Video

Lean back and enjoy our presentation of the OILWIND fish pounder in the video below.

Contact us to learn more!

Written by Nicola

Accounting & Marketing Coordinator  

Oilwind – November 2023


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