Powered by electricity and operable on 24 or 12 volts, the OILWIND JigReel is a dynamic powerhouse in the commercial fishing industry. Its strength ensures you haul in your catch effortlessly, every single time.

With decades of experience in building these reels, and even the earliest models still fully functional and in operation today, these machines have stood the test of time with flying colours.

Their strong construction has allowed them to take on the harsh weather and rough conditions of the sea and the demands of fishermen everywhere. Easy repairability is a core requirement to the overall design and is the reason these machines have been shipped to remote corners of the world.

The proven reliability of our JigReels means that you can count on them to deliver results – you can tackle any challenge.

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Unlocking Your JigReel: A Video Guide & Real-world Action

Our introduction video gives a straightforward walkthrough of the OILWIND JigReel. It highlights the JigReel's build and explains its features.

The video shows the easy steps to operate the machine, demonstrating how to start and adjust the JigReel and it also showcases the customizable fishing program that lets you tailor your fishing style.

Adjacent to this tutorial, we've got an exciting live-action video. Here, the power of our JigReels is showcased in the picturesque surroundings of Iceland, catching cod with efficiency.

In short, these videos provide a concise useful starting guide to to get you on the right foot when you acquire this machine. Dive in and gear up for your next fishing adventure!

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The Power of Jigging

The JigReel uses a unique jigging motion to attract fish and entice them to bite. You have the freedom to customize the standard fishing program to your liking and specific needs.

With the JigReel, your lure and hook options are numerous, ranging from real or artificial bait to metallic or blade jigs, coloured or reflective, or even hooks that swim or jerk and twist. This versatility gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to cater to the specific preferences of your targeted fishery. The JigReel is a highly selective fishing method with extensive applications.

easy to Install and light-weight

Mounting these machines on your gunnel and targeting a variety of ground and pelagic fish is a breeze. They occupy minimal space, leaving room for other essential equipment for longline fishing or more.

Equipping your vessel for both longline and jig fishing ensures continuous profitable operations throughout the year. As fishing seasons change, switching methods and adapt is quick and straightforward, and if you then want to store the machines on land, they are light-weight, only fourteen kilos, and can be carried to shore with little effort.

The JigReel is the ultimate enhancement to your vessel.

Customizable fishing Software

Equipped with an exemplary fishing program developed in close collaboration with experienced fishermen, the OILWIND JigReel is tried and tested across the globe. The software is adjustable on the fly, allowing for instant customization and tweaking to meet your unique fishing style.

Develop your own "fishing recipes" and fine-tune the fishing style of the machine to your requirements. Whether you want brief pauses during jigging, increased torque with reduced speed, or alteration in the number of jigging cycles – the JigReel's software can cater to it all. You can cast your line with confidence, knowing that the JigReel is fine-tuned to your specifications.

The software is intuitive and user-friendly. But let's face it, if all you want is to start fishing without the fuss of customization, a simple button press is all it takes.

In the market for a manual reel?

Built for simplicity and reliability, these reels require minimal upkeep. With almost no parts susceptible to wear and tear, and a lubricated frictional bearing on the main shaft that only needs rare lubrication, these reels are crafted from stainless steel and aluminium for lasting endurance.

With these manual reels, haul in your catch using your own strength and dexterity. Feel the thrill only traditional fishing methods can provide.

The manual reel is a timeless fishing tool, and it was built to last a life-time.


Mackerel Stripper

For fisherman going after mackerel, we have the option of a mackerel stripper - a straightforward solution for easier fishing. Made from durable stainless steel, it's built to last and resist rust, ensuring it stays reliable through countless fishing trips.

This handy tool does exactly what it says: it strips mackerel from the hook and channels them straight into your chosen container - whether that's a bucket, gutter, or belt. We've designed it with three openings, giving you the flexibility to set it up however works best for you.

It is also equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps it securely in place while you're fishing, but folds up neatly when you're done for the day. Simple, practical, and built to make your fishing trips smoother and more versatile.


Despite our products' strength and longevity, regular wear and tear is inevitable.
Please reach out to us for spare parts and advice.


At OILWIND, we’re always ready to help. If you need replacement parts or any advice regarding your JigReel, feel free to contact your local agent otherwise us directly. We also have a repair advice playlist on YouTube for our customers and have prioritized the repairability of the electric JigReel so that anyone can do it.

The JigReel is lightweight, fourteen kilos, and easy to mount and comes with a shaft/foot that when inserted into a socket/pipe mounted on your gunnel will firmly secure the machine.

We recommend storing the Electric JigReel in a dry and cool place when it’s not in use, especially during off-season. This protects the machine from unnecessary exposure to harsh weather conditions and prolongs its life.

While the Electric JigReel is built to withstand harsh sea conditions, we advise against leaving it on the vessel when it’s not in use for an extended period. The machine will last longer if stored in a dry, cool place away from the elements during the off-season.

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