Oilwind offers a range of essential attachments that can improve the efficiency and convenience of longline fishing operations. Our hook cleaner, bait cutter, and gunnel rollers are designed to work seamlessly with our other longline equipment, providing fishermen with a comprehensive solution for their needs.

Overall, these attachments work seamlessly with other Oilwind longline equipment to provide fishermen with a comprehensive and convenient solution for their longline fishing needs. With our attachments, fishermen can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, leading to higher catch rates, cost savings, and improved sustainability.

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Gunnel Rollers

Oilwind's gunnel rollers are fashioned from stainless steel and are built to withstand the test of time. They demand minimal upkeep and are straightforward to mend if need be.

As a part of the line hauling process, these rollers cause negligible wear on lines, and make them an excellent choice.

As the lines pass through the crucifier (fish detacher), the hooks are effectively detached from the fish, and the fish then smoothly glides down the sluice directly into a bleed box. This reduces manual handling, enhancing speed and efficiency on deck.

faroe roll

The Faroe Roll, a compact gunnel roller that is primarily used in net fishing operations, but can be used for any fishing operation where the line must roll over the gunwale. It is a simple yet useful tool for artisanal net fishing, providing a smooth surface for nets to move along, reducing wear and tear, and boosting durability.

Hook cleaner

The hook cleaner is an innovative solution for keeping hooks in top condition, which ensures a better catch rate and longer lifespan for your fishing gear. Our hook cleaner is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

The hook cleaner is a powerful tool for keeping hooks clean and free from debris. The rotating circular brush is designed to remove all bait and any other debris that may be on the hooks and lines, such as seaweed, sand or other gunk. The hook cleaner also features an adjustable cleaning pressure plate and the option to adjust the speed of the rotating brush. This allows the user to find the perfect balance and remove all unwanted debris from their hooks and lines.

Horizontal hook'n line preparer

Oilwind's Hook'n Line Preparer Attachment is a game-changer for longline fishermen, providing an efficient and convenient solution for preparing lines and hooks during the fishing process. With this attachment, fishermen can quickly and easily reshape and replace hooks as they haul in their gear, ensuring that everything is in top condition for the next deployment.

Furthermore, the Hook'n Line Preparer Attachment allows fishermen to untwist the main line and review everything prior to storing the lines, either hanging or in storage containers. This technique considerably reduces land-based work time, allowing fishermen to prep their gear for the next launch while still onboard.

The Hook'n Line Preparer Attachment is a valuable asset to any longline fishing operation, offering convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By facilitating on-board gear preparation, this attachment streamlines the fishing process, leading to higher catch rates and improved sustainability.

MAgazine Adapter

The Magazine Adapter is big news add-on that transforms the traditional process of longline setting. This simple yet smart accessory allows fishermen to hang longlines horizontally on a deployment rail, a departure from the conventional approach of setting lines from a bin.

The true beauty of this horizontal setting method lies in its convenience and efficiency. It provides the opportunity for multiple lines to hang ready on the deployment rail, primed for setting as soon as it's their turn. This organized queuing system drastically reduces idle time, ensuring a smooth and continuous deployment process.


Despite our products' strength and longevity, regular wear and tear is inevitable.
Please reach out to us for spare parts and advice.


Absolutely! Our gunnel rollers and line preparers are designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of lines and hooks, but we do have our recommendations. Please contact us for a deeper discussion.

The hook cleaner is designed for minimal maintenance. Occasionally, it will require cleaning and/or replacing of the brush, and the hydraulic motor can be expected to last a long time, before it needs to be replaced. 

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