OILWIND fishing stories and Trade Shows in 2023

As we move from spring to summer, the fishing season continues full steam ahead.

We regularly hear news from our customers about their catch and the performance of OILWIND fishing equipment. We get pictures and videos, showing the action and below a selection of photos can be seen from one boat from the Faroe Islands that recently landed a big catch. Soon, we’ll share fishing videos and photos from our friends in Iceland, captured during a visit by Bjarni, our JigReel expert.

We are also working on setting up a gallery page where we will store and showcase pictures and videos from around the world from fishermen using OILWIND gear and having a blast! This new feature will provide a platform for the OILWIND community to showcase their fishing experiences and achievements.

Lilja VA 72 c/o Haldor H. Haraldsen

Upcoming events

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending two significant industry events this year: Danfish International in Aalborg, and the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show, a trade show in St. John’s, Newfoundland:

Both events will be opportunities for us to connect with our customers and partners. We see trade shows as more than just business events, its where connections are made and is an important forum where everyone gets a real-time snapshot of the trends, innovations, and direction the industry is heading towards.

New Developments

In relation to the above. We are developing new products that we plan to announce soon, and we’re working hard to ensure these additions to the OIWLIND product list are up to a high standard and robust so that they can match the unforgiving work environment at sea. Stay tuned to our website, newsletters and the social media channels for updates on these new releases.

Here’s to a successful summer fishing season.

Your Team at OILWIND


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