Pot Hauler

Pot hauling is a physically demanding task that requires reliable equipment, and OILWIND pot haulers deliver the power, durability, and performance that fishermen need to get the job done efficiently and safely.

OILWIND pot haulers are designed to handle the tough environment and constant strain of hauling loaded pots and traps. These winches are built with sturdy stainless steel sheaves that grip onto the lines, these haulers make for a safe and reliable hauling process. Their craftsmanship makes them able to weather the tough requirements of commercial fisheries, employing a powerful hydraulic motor and a durable design that handles the rigors of daily use.


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Effortless Power: OILWIND Pot Hauler

Heavy duty Pot haulers

The OILWIND Compact Pot Hauler is a perfect solution for smaller fishing operations that require a pot hauler with a classic design. Its compact size and efficient design make it an effortless operation easy manoeuvring on board smaller vessels.

Despite its smaller size, this pot hauler is built to handle heavy loads and features a powerful motor and rugged construction that can handle the demands of daily use.

With easy customization and repair options, OILWIND pot haulers offer the flexibility that fishermen need to ensure that they can meet the specific requirements of their operation. 

Larger models can be built on order, and we can provide pictures and specifications on upon request, as part of a quote.


Despite our products' strength and longevity, regular wear and tear is inevitable.
Please reach out to us for spare parts and advice.


Yes, OILWIND pot haulers come with customization options and are offered to customers in varied sizes upon request. 

For more detailed information about any specific model, you can connect with us through call or email. We are more than happy to provide pictures and specifications upon request.

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