03-16 Electric Jigging reel

Electric Jigging Reel

We have begun international sales of the new and upgraded OILWIND electric jigging reel.

  • Designed and built for professional fishermen
  • Tough and effective, suitable for coastal and deep-sea fishing under extreme conditions
  • Can be customized with your fishing methods, and will follow your lead
  • Can catch fish from day one

We can ship to your address today!

The machine is customizable, so you can have it follow your specific fishing instructions, or it can use the tried-and-true fishing program developed closely with fishermen.

Little to no maintenance is required if the reel is cared for, and these reels have been tested all over the world demonstrating durability and good fishing results. 

Make sure you don’t lose out on a versatile machine that lets you target a wide array of groundfish and pelagic fish. Why just use one, when you can have multiple on the gunwale and optimize your fishing operation. 

The OILWIND Electric Jigging Reel was developed so that you can enjoy more success in your fishing operation. 

Contact us now and get your machine shipped in 2 business days!


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