Qalut Vónin Newspaper 2022

OILWIND was presented in the newspaper for the trade show in Ilulissat 2022, written by Qalut Vónin.

English summary: Qalut Vónin tells about OILWIND fishing equipment and how the classical hydraulic line hauler – the 07-14 – is very popular amongst the Greenlanders, because it can be mounted on small boats or even on sleds for ice fishing.

In the article, Agnar shows his gratitude and respect to the Greenlandic fishermen for the feedback we’re getting from them. Without them, OILWIND wouldn’t be where we are today, he says.

Agnar states that OILWIND is keeping up with the times by incorporating modern technology to our products. He mentions the JigReel, where we, in the 1980’s, were focusing a lot on the mechanical parts of it. Then we added electronics and softwares to it, and now it can be set to work the way the fisherman wants it.

Spoiler alert: We are continuously developing new products, and a new one will be revealed on our webpage soon. Stay tuned!

Post written by Nicola

Accounting & Marketing Coordinator  

Oilwind – November 2023


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